Give Back Brand Highlight

Did you know that your gifting choices have power? With these mindfully maid sustainable gift ideas, you can make a positive impact on our world while expressing gratitude to your team!

Sustainable Summer

Bamboo Cotton Rounds

One tree planted with each purchase & is carbon neutral

12 2

Rolltop Backpack

World's first backpack made of ocean plastic

11 3


Made with recycled materials,1% for the planet, & this product saves approximately 40 plastic water bottles from landfills

10 3

Throw blanket

Sustainable and made out of recycled materials

9 4

Jellyfish Socks

Partners w/ a nonprofit for ocean conservation & 1% for the planet

8 4

Stainless Steel

Airtight Containers

Carbon Neutral and Package free

7 4

Duffle Bag

Carbon Neutral, 1% for the planet, B Corp,& FSC certified

6 4

Laptop riser with whiteboard

Carbon neutral &

reduces paper waste

5 4

Rainforest Escape Candle

Each purchase protects ten tropical rainforest trees & 1% for the planet

4 4

Beeswax Reusable Wraps

Plants a tree & is netzero

3 7

Cotton Cap

Two trees planted with each purchase & 100% renewable

2 7

Reusable Water Bottle

Pays for 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles to be collected & is made of 90% recycled materials

Interested in any of the items or want to start your own project?